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You could go to jail for not complying with the OHS Act! Here's how to avoid that fate

by , 06 October 2014
It's a criminal offence to ignore your health and safety obligations. The OHS Act makes these obligations very clear.

If you don't fulfil them, the DoL can take you to court. If it finds you guilty, you could go to jail for up to two years.

Don't let this happen to you!

Rather do this to ensure you comply with the OHS Act and avoid jail time...


Avoid a jail sentence for non-compliance by doing this

The OHS Act states it's your responsibility to train all your employees on health and safety matters.
But it's not just general health and safety training you need to worry about. You also have to train anyone you appoint to a health and safety position. 
This ensures all of your health and safety appointments can do their jobs and fulfil their responsibilities correctly. 
Here are seven types of training you'll need to give your employees.
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Can an HSE officer do induction training?
According to the OHSA, you must do induction training for new employees, external contract workers, even employees returning from maternity leave. And every time there's new legislation, or if you have a new safety process or equipment.
It sounds like you could be doing induction every month! And who has the time to create proper training material? And ensure its correct?

Seven types of training you need to give your employees

1. General health and safety (training for everyone);
2. First aid (just for your appointed first aiders);
3. Basic fire fighter training (just for your appointed fire team)
4. HSE Rep training (just for your appointed health and safety representative);
5. PPE training (training for everyone);
6. Safe working procedures training (training for everyone); and
7. Risk assessment (just for your appointed safety officer and HSE Rep).
To ensure you give all of your employees the best health and safety training possible, get your hands on the Health and Safety Training Manual. It contains everything you need to effectively train your employees and comply with the OHS Act.

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You could go to jail for not complying with the OHS Act! Here's how to avoid that fate
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