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Your electrical safety toolbox talk must contain these three rules for safe work

by , 12 September 2014
Electricity is extremely dangerous. It powers our world and we can't do any work without. But it can also take your employees' lives in a second if they mishandle it.

That's why you need to do a toolbox talk on electrical safety. This will give your employees vital information on how to handle electricity safely.

So when you conduct that toolbox talk ensure your employees understand and follow these three rules for safe electrical work...


Here's how to start your toolbox talk on electrical safety

Start your toolbox talk by announcing the topic and explaining what's at stake. In the case of electrical safety, their lives are at stake if something goes wrong.
You then need to clearly explain the dangers when it comes to electricity. The dangers here are they could die, cause a fire or suffer serious electrical burns.
Once your employees understand why it's important to work safely with electricity, tell them how to do so with these three rules...
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Tell your employees to follow these three rules for electrical safety

Rule #1: Turn off the main electrical circuit 
Before your employees do any work with live electrical circuits, they must shut them off at the main circuit board. 
Rules #2: Put on your electrical safety wear
Before your employees start their work on any electrical circuit, they must wear thick gloves that won't conduct the current. 
They also need a protective mask in case of any sparks, as well as flameproof clothing that won't catch fire because of the sparks.
Rule #3: Use the correct equipment
Only use the equipment that's meant for work on electrical circuits. If they use the wrong tools, it could damage the circuit and cause electrical faults. 
These three rules will help your employees work safely with electricity so put them in your toolbox talk today. 

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Your electrical safety toolbox talk must contain these three rules for safe work
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