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Your employees' first defence against dangers is their OHS training

by , 26 September 2014
If you face any kind of danger, the best asset you have to stay safe, is the knowledge of how to protect yourself.

The same thing applies to your employees and their health and safety at work. If they know what to do when they're in danger they can protect themselves.

That's why you need to give them OHS training. This will give them all the knowledge they need and help them survive any dangerous work situation.

Include these four points in this training to ensure it's effective...


Include these four points in your OHS training

Point 1: Teach employees how to avoid dangerous situations
Your employees need to know how to avoid dangerous situations. To do this they must be able to recognise them and take appropriate steps to avoid the situation.
Teach them what to do and who to call to deal with these situations.
Point 2: Teach employees how to handle an injury
If an employee has an injury and there's no one there to help, he needs to know what do to handle his injury until he finds help.
This is important because, if your employee does have an injury while he's alone, this information could save his life.
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Point 3: Teach employees to protect each other

Health and safety takes team effort. You must teach employees to be part of this team effort so they can help each other. 
This will help if someone sees a colleague in danger. They'll know how to jump in and help.
Point 4: Teach employees to communicate about dangers
If your employees can communicate with you and each other you can all deal with and prevent future dangers.
So give your employees effective health and safety training to protect them at work. 

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Your employees' first defence against dangers is their OHS training
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