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Do you know what to do if your Health and Safety Rep suddenly resigns? Here are four things to have in place BEFORE he does

by , 17 April 2015
It's not something any of us think about or really plan for in advance. But what exactly would you do if your Health and Safety Rep had to suddenly resign?

How will this implicate health and safety in your business? Is he the only one serving the health and safety function in your company?

Here are four things you need to have in place before this happens to your company!

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Your Health and Safety role is not exactly an easy one!

Right now, the headaches, stresses, time-drainers and financial costs of Health and Safety in your company seem endless.

You're having to constantly stay on top of changes and updates being made to laws and regulations – and implementing these changes.

I have a secret weapon for you. A simple training tool that will revolutionise the way you work and get rid of all your headaches forever.


What to have in place before your Health and Safety Rep resigns

1. Open a job file
No need to get creative! Just get an empty file and make tabs in it for all the documents you're going to need. This file is going to serve as your reference guide regarding the Safety Rep function in your company. This isn't your SHE File, so don't get confused! This file is job-specific.

2. Job description
Make sure you have a copy of what the general job description for a Safety Rep is. Make sure it's always updated and keep it on file. You must document the function and responsibilities of the position which must be a working document. As the details of the job change, you update the document. It's also a good idea to include where in your company's hierarchy he is. Make sure that you have a list of everyday tasks that are required, as well as periodic tasks.

And that's the easy stuff. Read on for the more challenging aspects…

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There are dozens of questions that pop up, like…

•    How do you know the health and safety documents you draw up are legally compliant?
•    Can you be sure that you're checking all the hazards you should be, every single time?

And, how do you do all this without wasting a huge chunk of time that should be dedicated to your real job?

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Other aspects you must consider in your plan before your Health and Safety Representative resigns

3. Processes
Detail your company's safety processes. This is extremely important! Whoever's in the Safety Rep role in your company must know how to conduct your risk assessments. What happens in your Committee meetings. What steps to follow during an accident investigation.

4. Create a transition plan
Don't wait to do this until after the position becomes available. Draw up the plan from the point of view of your business. And also from the perspective of the actual job role. Document what on-the-job training needs to be done. What training tools they use, like the Induction Training 101 and the HSE Rep Toolkit, you need to invest in. What training notes you need to create etc.

Now you know exactly what you should have in place in case your health and safety rep resigns. Here's a toolkit you could use to free up 1340 minutes of your health and safety rep's time!

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Do you know what to do if your Health and Safety Rep suddenly resigns? Here are four things to have in place BEFORE he does
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