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Do you know your Health and Safety Representatives' duties?

by , 02 April 2015
As part of your duties, you need to make sure your Health and Safety Representatives aren't neglecting their responsibilities.
As it is the case in every situation, you can only make sure this is not happening if you know the law.

And today, we're helping you with that...

Here's what your Health and Safety Representatives have to keep an eye on

Firstly, Health and Safety Representatives (HSE Reps) must ensure all employees wear their personal protective equipment (PPE). HSE Reps are there for everybody's protection.

They should be aware of the fact that by ignoring it when co-workers donʼt wear their PPE, HSE Reps are being negligent in their duties. Otherwise, they're creating risks for everyone in the workplace and including for themselves.

Keep in mind that in case they ignore their duties, the HSE Reps can't be sued in a civil court for damages. But they could be labelled a criminal by a DoL enquiry and pay a fine of up to R50 000 or be jailed for a year or both!

The state can take them to court and they can get an even heavier sentence for failing in their duty. We call this gross negligence.

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Here's what your HSE Reps need to know to protect your company from HSE negligence

1. If you see a co-worker not wearing their full PPE, stop them. Tell them to put it on.
2. If you don't want to be labelled a criminal, fined, or spend time in jail – look after your co-workers.
3. Before starting work, make sure everybody is wearing their PPE.
4. Check they're wearing it properly.
5. Make sure their PPE is comfortable. If it's not, report it so they can get PPE that fits better and is comfortable.
6. Do your PPE inspections every month to ensure your co-workers are using safe PPE.

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