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Does your Health and Safety Representative perform these five key tasks?

by , 07 April 2017
As an employer you know it's key to improve the health and safety of your workplace. But important tasks can be overlooked or forgotten, and this is why you need a health and safety representative.

Here are five tasks a health and safety representative (HSE rep) should do to keep your workplace safe!

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Does your Health and Safety Representative perform these five key tasks?
  1. Review health and safety measures currently in place. Important safety measures can be out of date or not enforced anymore. It's important to review these measures and if necessary enforce them regularly. For example, in Caryn's office the 'No Smoking' sign fell off months ago and is kept in the store room. This sign must be visible at all times and should be replaced immediately.
  2. Identify potential hazards and potential incidents. Poor lighting and wet floors are a hazard in the workplace. Your HSE rep needs to identify the serious hazards as well as the minor ones. They should submit these findings to the employer and the health and safety committee to implement safety measures.
  3. Examine the causes of incidents at the workplace.  Regularly go through past incident reports. Find out what caused the incidents and apply ways to stop them from happening in the future. Caryn was notified by her HSE Rep that visitors often tripped on the step at the entrance of the building. The HSE rep suggested fixing a 'Mind the Step' sign near the entrance to caution visitors.

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Two more tasks your health and safety representative must do
  1. Investigate complaints relating to employee's health and safety. Ask employees if they've faced any bad working conditions or work related injuries. There may be problems that aren't obvious until employees speak about it. Small complaints like constant headaches or minor injuries can lead to a much bigger problem. Asking the employees will help you find and solve the problem quickly.
  2. Report the general health and safety of the employees to the employer. The health and safety representative must discuss his findings on the health and safety of the employees with the employer. They should discuss past incidents and potential hazards and provide measures to solve them.
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Best regards,

Miriro Matema
Product Manager - Health and Safety Training Manual

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Does your Health and Safety Representative perform these five key tasks?
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