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Don't draw straws. Here's how to nominate your Health and Safety Representative the right way

by , 02 June 2014
Appointing a health and safety representative isn't a matter of drawing straws and just picking anyone. There's a process you must follow to nominate your health and safety representative.
If you don't follow this process, you could end up with a representative who:

1. None of your other staff will listen to;
2. Doesn't fulfill your OHS regulation's requirements; and
3. Doesn't want the position and, therefore, won't do the job properly.

Make sure you follow this process so you can choose the right health and safety representative the correctly.

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Follow this process to choose a health and safety representative correctly

When choosing a health and safety representative, follow this four step process:
1. The nomination
The first step in this process is for you to nominate candidates. You must inform these employees of their nomination in writing. These candidates, if they accept the nomination, will then go forward to the next step of the process.
2. The vote
You'll announce the names of the candidates for health and safety representative position to all your employees. Your other employees will then vote for the representative they want. Once you've tallied the votes, you move to the next step.
3. The appointment
Tell the employee and your other staff members who voted who the new health and safety representative is. You must notify your new representative in writing and officially appoint him. Keep this document as part of your OHS policy.
4. The training
You must now give your health and safety representative all the appropriate training he needs to do his job effectively.
You must document this process very carefully and keep your nomination and appointment letters in your health and safety file. But what should you do if you're not sure how to draw them up? Well, you can use our templates.

Health and Safety Advisor gives you the answer

If you're not sure how to draw up a letter of nomination or appointment, turn to the chapter on Health and Safety Representatives in the Health and Safety Advisor. Here you'll find our easy-to-use templates for nomination and appointment letters, as well as election forms

So follow this process and choose a representative who'll help you uphold the OHS Act in every way. 

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Don't draw straws. Here's how to nominate your Health and Safety Representative the right way
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