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Four health and safety obligations you must implement

by , 19 April 2013
As a manager or employer it's your responsibility to ensure the OHSA and its procedures are carried out and maintained. Appointing a HSE rep is only one of them. I'll show you four more tasks you need to implement to ensure you meet your obligations.

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Four health and safety obligations you must implement
  1. How many HSE reps to appoint – The requirement is to have one HSE rep for every 20 employees, but if that rep is off sick, your business is at risk. You need to ensure there're enough trained and appointed HSE reps so all your shifts are covered by at least one
  2. Training your HSE rep – They should undergo the training required to carry out their health and safety responsibilities. The HSE rep should be assessed on their understanding of their requirements. Workshops will also expose them to the documents they're expected to complete.
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  1. Up to date inspection file – Managers should ensure the HSE reps inspection file contains all the relevant documentation required for inspections. The inspection file should list all the areas that were checked and if there're any problems found.
  2. Keep all documentation records – Management should keep a record of all documentation for a minimum of 3 – 5 years. Documents such as election records, letters of appointment, training records, resignations and retirements should be kept.
Now that you know what your duties are, you're much more prepared to maintain and promote compliance in your company! Turn to section H01/067 of your Health and Safety Training Manual for more responsibilities for managers and other helpful tips.

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Best regards,
Miriro Matema
Product Manager – Health and Safety Training Manual

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Four health and safety obligations you must implement
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