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Make sure your HSE reps are doing their jobs... or face the consequences

by , 27 March 2013
Did you know that if you have more than 20 employees in your workplace, you must choose a health and safety representative (HS representative)? It's a legal requirement according to the OHS Act!

Your HS representative has several functions which they must perform in the company/department.

Let me tell you more about what they need to do in your company so you avoid penalties...

Do you know how to elect your company's Health and Safety Representative?
Save yourself time and make things easier. Use this training module to follow the correct process for nominating and electing your company's health and safety representative.
10 Functions your HSE representatives must perform
Here's what they must do:
  1. Review the effectiveness of health and safety measures;
  2. Identify potential hazards and potential major incidents at the workplace;
  3. In collaboration with the employer, examine the causes of incidents at the workplace;
  4. Investigate complaints by any employee relating to that employee's health or safety at work;
  5. Make representations to the employer or a health and safety committee member on matters arising from the points above or where such representations are unsuccessful, to an inspector;
  6. Make representations to the employer or manager or safety officer on general matters affecting the health and safety of employees at the workplace;
  7. Inspect the workplace, including any:
  • Article
  • Substance
  • Plant
  • Machinery or
  • Health and safety equipment at that workplace.
  1. Take part in consultations with inspectors at the workplace and accompany inspectors on inspections of the workplace;
  2. Receive information from inspectors (Section 36 of the OHSA); and
  3. Attend meetings of the health and safety committee of which he is a member, in connection with any of the above functions.
Your HS representatives must be trained on what's required of them. Here's a training tool to help you do just that...
Have you trained your HS representatives on all their duties?
If you haven't, or aren't sure that you have, check out the Health and Safety Training Manual. We'll help you train your HS representatives so they're always clear about their responsibilities.
Until next time,
Stay safe!

Kerusha Narothan
P.S. Find out how to nominate and elect your HSE reps and get the templates to help you carry out the nominations and elections here.

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Make sure your HSE reps are doing their jobs... or face the consequences
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