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Revealed: Eight safety checks health and safety supervisors MUST do EVERY day

by , 19 November 2013
Are you a health and safety supervisor? If so, the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requires you to perform these eight safety checks every day...

As a health and safety supervisor, it's important you check on your workers and the work they're doing, says the Health & Safety Advisor.
During these checks, keep a lookout for hazards and risks that may have developed while the work is being done.

Your checks must include the health and safety controls listed in the standard procedure as well as the decisions made during the discussion of the daily safety task instruction.

Lookout for these eight things when doing you daily safety checks

You must check if

  1. Your workers are wearing their personal protective equipment
  2. They're wearing it the way it must be worn to provide the best possible protection.
  3. The tools and equipment being used are still in a good, safe, working condition.
  4. The right person is doing the work (competent person).
  5. Your workers are following the procedure steps for doing the work (not taking risks or short cuts).
  6. There are time limits or schedules and if your employees are keeping within the set limits.
  7. Your workers are maintaining the health and safety controls while doing the work.
  8. Your workers are keeping their work area clean and uncluttered (i.e. tools, equipment are not left lying around while not being used).

Now that you know the eight safety checks health and safety supervisors must do every day, make sure you comply with the OHSA.

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Revealed: Eight safety checks health and safety supervisors MUST do EVERY day
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