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Six things HSE officers are empowered to do

by , 05 December 2013
It's important you're aware of what HSE officers are empowered to do. If the Department of Labour (DoL) visits your premises, they'll ask you about this to ensure you're in line with safety laws.

In terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), HSE officers are empowered to do the following duties…

HSE officers are empowered to perform these six duties…

According to Louise Harty of How to appoint the best HSE representatives – your complete guide, all appointed HSE officers must be empowered to:

#1: Conduct HSE inspections: Your HSE officers must complete monthly health and safety inspections to ensure the health and safety conditions in your working environment are continuously improved.

#2: Identify potential dangers: They must identify potential hazards, dangers and potential major incidents at the workplace. In addition, they must participate in risk assessments.

#3: Investigate incidents: Your representatives must participate in investigations in his workplace.

#4: Make recommendations about safety: Your HSE officers must make representations to you and the HSE committee about the effectiveness of the following:

  • Health and safety measures;
  • Hazards and potential hazards in the workplace;
  • The cause of incidents; and
  • Safety related complaints.

#5: Conduct inspections: Your officer must inspect the workplace, including any article, substance, plant, machinery or health and safety equipment at that workplace to ensure and achieve the health and safety of all employees.

#6: Attend HSE committee meetings: Your representative must attend meetings held by the HSE committee.

Remember, knowing what your employees are empowered to do isn't enough. You must ensure they actually perform these duties.

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Six things HSE officers are empowered to do
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