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The ten functions of your Health and Safety Rep

by , 05 June 2015
You've recently appointed a Health and Safety Rep. But do you know exactly what he should be doing?

Firstly, his most important function is to monitor your company's OHS compliance.

And it's his responsibility to make sure your company's processes are safe. And the health and safety of your employees is always a top priority.

Here are his nine other functions...

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Are you responsible for health and safety in your company?

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There are dozens of questions that pop up, like…
•    How do you know the health and safety documents you draw up are legally compliant?

•    Can you be sure that you're checking all the hazards you should be, every single time?

And, how do you do all this without wasting a huge chunk of time that should be dedicated to your real job?

I have the solution for you right here…


Nine functions of your Health and Safety Rep

1. Review the effectiveness of health and safety measures
He must make sure your company's health and safety programme is working. And that your employees are protected at work.

2. Identify potential hazards
It's his duty to look at what could go wrong. He must report all potential hazards to the Health and Safety Committee or directly to you.

3. Examine the causes of incidents
The Health and Safety Rep needs to be a member of the accident investigation team. This will allow him to investigate why an accident happened and what needs to be done to prevent it from happening again.

4. Investigate complaints
The Health and Safety Rep is the first point of contact for employees, who will go to him with concerns and complaints. He needs to look at the source of the complaints and find possible solutions to report to Management.

Read on for four more functions…

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Four additional functions of your Health and Safety Rep

5. Record keeping
He needs to record all incidences, complaints and risk assessments. He must present these documents to you and the Health and Safety Committee.

6. Regular workplace inspections
He must regularly walk around the workplace to make sure that the health and safety measures are in place. Checklists should be used for this.

7. Consult with inspectors
If he feels that an area in the workplace is unsafe, and that Management isn't doing enough to reduce the risks, the Health and Safety Rep must consult with Inspectors. They would agree a way forward to make sure health and safety in the company is not at risk.

8. Receive information from inspectors
The Inspectors will give feedback to the Health and Safety Rep, who will then pass this information on to employees and Management.

9. Attend Health and Safety Committee meetings
These should be held at least once a month. The findings must be minuted, and the actions must be traced (Section 18, OHSA).

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The ten functions of your Health and Safety Rep
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