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Your Health and Safety Representative has resigned. Include these seven elements in his hand-over plan

by , 15 May 2017
When your Health and Safety Representative suddenly resigns, you need to have a clear and detailed hand-over plan in place.

That way, your next elected Safety Representative knows exactly what's required of him. And the transition won't hurt your productivity.

Read on for seven essential elements to include in his Safety Rep hand-over plan...

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Seven essential elements to include in his Safety Rep hand-over plan
1. Induction Training 101
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2. Training notes
You must make sure you've printed training notes for every aspect of what the job entails. This way your new recruit can have notes to refer to when he gets stuck.
3. Admin related to your company's safety management
Record-keeping plays a major role in OHS Act compliance. He needs to show your new recruit the record-keeping process, the procedure for compiling them, and how or when your company destroys them.
The new recruit needs to know where all the Health and Safety information boards are. Give him a copy of your health and safety policy documents too. This includes everything in your SHE File.

When it comes to a health and safety hand-over plan, it's going to take more than just printed notes for your new recruit to get into the swing of things. The next four elements involve on-the-job training.
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Four more elements to include in his hand-over plan

4. Fire evacuation process
He needs to show your new Health and Safety Rep your emergency evacuation process. Organise a mini fire and emergency evacuation drill. This is good motivation because  you should be doing regularly anyway!
5. Your company-specific approach when doing risk assessments
The new recruit needs to become familiar with how you conduct risk assessments in your company. Your Safety Rep must show him how to break each production area up. So do a risk assessment; it'll save you from having to do one later on in the year.

6. How you investigate accidents at your workplace
Your new recruit will no doubt be on the accident investigation team. He needs to get the practical experience, so organise for a 'for training purposes' accident. This way your existing rep can walk through the investigation process with him.
7. How you conduct your Committee meetings
Call a Committee meeting. Introduce your new recruit to the team. This will help him get to grips with how the Safety Committee meeting process works.
Your new Safety Rep needs to be able to hit the ground running. So include these points in your existing Safety Rep's hand-over plan.
Until next time,

Annabel Koffman
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Your Health and Safety Representative has resigned. Include these seven elements in his hand-over plan
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