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In a quick-witted move, Nene's establishes a SARS advisory committee to keep its eye on the top brass

by , 04 March 2015
Last week, finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene established an advisory committee to keep an eye on the actions of South African Revenue Service (SARS) commissioner Tom Moyane.

The press have praised this as a quick-witted move since Mr. Moyane was appointed by President Jacob Zuma and not by Mr. Nene.

After all, as bdlive.co.za states , his tenure had been far from great: He suspended his top management, a decision later reversed in court; he has had to revise revenue targets down twice in four months; and he has also been responsible for a host of senior managers walking out the door.

The same source reminds us of the fact that the vacancy at the top of SARS was created when Oupa Magashule was caught in a compromising situation, flirtatiously offering a young woman he hardly knew a job. Nevertheless, it is said that both Mr Zuma and the African National Congress (ANC) have had run-ins with SARS in recent months.

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In respect to the current situation, facts show that there are considerable political interests and many hidden hands at play.

This could explain why Mr Nene, who has political authority over SARS, stood by for four months while the damage to SARS's institutional capacity and its reputation mounted.

This because an advisory committee supervising Mr Moyane would not have been popular with those seeking a cleanout of the intelligence-linked personnel within SARS, bdlive.co.za says.

Regardless, the newly established the advisory committee is expected to take care of the allegations in the media about the rogue unit (advise on how to avoid this recurring) and to also "guide the direction of long-term strategy at SARS by ensuring decisions about operations, personnel, budget and technology" support it, explains Nene.

In other words, it means "scrutinising business, organisational and technology plans, and budgets", according to the source.

As such, taxpayers can expect several things to change over at SARS. We'll keep you in the loop of what you need to know as things change.

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In a quick-witted move, Nene's establishes a SARS advisory committee to keep its eye on the top brass
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