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SARS will give you feedback on your bulk ITREG registrations - here's how

by , 09 June 2015
Remember those times when you had to register employees one at a time? Those days are long gone. You can now use the ITREG to register them in bulk!

Moreover, whenever you complete an ITREG form on e@syFile, SARS will process it and then send you a notice in return.

This notice will tell you the results of the registration, so you'll know who couldn't be registered and why.

Today we want to show you how to get your employees' registration numbers in five simple steps.

Use these five steps to get employees' registration numbers

Step 1: Log into Open e@syFile Employer. Click on 'Synchronise Application'.

Step 2: Click to synchronise all (or select taxpayer income registrations, if you've already synchronized and now only want to see the registration numbers of your staff).

Step 3: Complete your eFiling login details when prompted.

Step 4: The e@syFile software will synchronise. It'll download the bulk ITREG information and you can match it to the information on the certificates you sent to SARS.

Keep a record of all certificates for five years – even if the employees have left the company.

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Step 5: You can choose to look at the registration details of your staff as they appear in your eFiling inbox. OR you can export it to you own system by clicking on 'Import/Export Payroll File,' and then 'Export Payroll File'.

Keep in mind that this will make it easier for you (and your staff) to comply with SARS's requirements.

Do this to submit your tax certificate electronically

You must submit your employee tax certificates on an electronic medium (e.g. a disc), if you aren't submitting them via eFiling. Don't try to submit printed out certificates and payroll records – SARS will reject these.  

SARS is enforcing this because electronic formats are less prone to errors when summarising the income and tax details from your payroll records. You'll be glad to know most commercially available software is already compliant with SARS' format requirements.

Pay attention to the fact that it's your responsibility to keep electronic records for at least five years.

You can also submit your certificates the easy way since your employee tax certificate submission will be validated by the E@syFile software, which will provide you with a list of errors, before you submit it to SARS. So test your submissions from your office and be sure that once your certificates pass the E@syFile validation, the electronic file is guaranteed to be accepted by SARS. If you use payroll software, the validations will be performed by your payroll software before you export the information to E@syFile

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SARS will give you feedback on your bulk ITREG registrations - here's how
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