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The 2014 tax season is here - beware of these scams

by , 30 June 2014
The 2014 tax season officially starts on 1 July 2014.

You have until 21 November 2014 to complete and submit your Income Tax Return (ITR12) to SARS.

Sadly, tax season opens new doors for fraudsters to prey on unsuspecting taxpayers.

To avoid being duped this tax season, beware of the following scams...

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Don't be duped this tax season, lookout for these scams

'Spoofed' emails. These have become very popular. Fraudsters send emails that look as if they're from SARS. These fraudulent emails are aimed at soliciting personal information like bank account details.

According to SARS, examples include emails that appear to be from returns@sars.co.za or refunds@sars.co.za, indicating that a refund is due to you.

SARS warns that these emails contain links to false forms and false websites made to look like the 'real thing'. Don't fall for them.

The other scams which have been doing the rounds are:

  • SARS Tax Refund (IRP12) from Laura Consulting;
  • eFiling Payment Confirmation;
  • Your Internet Banking Profile was Entered From a different location
  • SARS NOTICE; and
  • Payment Stop Order.

If you get an email with any of these subjects, don't respond, delete it immediately.

SARS says it'll never ask for your personal information via email, so take note of the following points if you want to avoid scams.

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SARS will never ask you for personal information in an email or sms

That's right.

The taxman will never ask you for login details, passwords, pins, credit / debit card information, etc. in an email or even via a text message. So don't give away your information, and ignore fake notifications.

In fact, if you get a dodgy email or sms, report it to SARS by sending an email to phishing@sars.gov.za or by calling the Fraud and Anti-Corruption Hotline on 0800 00 2870.

There you have it. Beware of fraudsters this tax season now that you know all about their wicked scams.

Don't forget that the 2014 tax season starts on the 1 July and ends on 21 November 2014 - submit yours on time to avoid penalties.

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The 2014 tax season is here - beware of these scams
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