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13 Ways to protect your employees' information and stay on the right side of POPI

by , 31 March 2017
13 Ways to protect your employees' information and stay on the right side of POPIJust as you have a right to protect your company's privacy, so your employees have a right to privacy too. And since the President signed the Protection of Personal Information Bill (POPI) last month, you now have a legal duty to protect your employees' information!

Here are the top 13 ways you can keep your employee's information safe and sound...

The 13 best ways to protect your employee's information 
Use these ways to keep employee information and data safe:
1. Make sure all employees know of your Information Security Policies. Get them to agree to follow it in writing. 
2. Promote awareness of your Information Security Policy often. You must also do this whenever you feel employees need a reminder.
3. All employees must know about, accept and take part in any form of workplace monitoring. You need to make them aware of your monitoring tools upfront.
4. Only certain, key employees should have access to change data.
5. Use an effective audit trail to protect the data you collect. For example, use a system with tracking so you can see which employees access files and when. 
6. A dishonest or angry employee is likely to take and use data maliciously. Be careful who you give clearance to. 
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You must protect your employees' data and personal information according to the new POPI Act. Here's how...
The POPI Act forces employers to be responsible and accountable for their employee's personal information and data.
This legal obligation requires you to make sure your employees' personal information and data doesn't end up in the wrong hands.
A simple thing like a third party getting hold of your employee's marital status, physical health or even home address, can land you with a R10 million fine or jail time. Don't let this happen to you...

The 13 best ways to protect your employee's information... continued
7. Stop employees from getting information by putting limits on how they access it. For example, use passwords to protect all electronic information.
8. Only employees, their supervisors and authorised personnel must have access to data. For example, HR, payroll, etc.
9. Make sure your HR department has a secure data handling procedure. 
10. Only the HR department should have control over employee data. 
11. Use lockable cabinets in a secure area to keep employee information safe.
12. Store confidential electronic information on a different system from other non-sensitive information.
13. Strictly control and monitor the access to HR offices, electronic sites and personnel files.
If you don't protect your employee's information, and there's a leak, you could land up in court for not keeping it safe! 
Click here to find out more about POPI and it's effect on your business!


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13 Ways to protect your employees' information and stay on the right side of POPI
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