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2 Out of 3 employees who don't show up for work aren't actually sick!

by , 18 May 2016
According to Occupational Care South Africa (OCSA), between 15% and 30% of staff can be absent on any given day. And 2 out of 3 absent employees aren't even physically ill!

Think about it. If you employ 15 people, on average, 4 people will be sick on any given day.

Yet, 3 out of those 4 people are having a 'duvet day', spa treatment, or out on a shopping spree with friends... on your time!

And let's say for arguments sake, you pay these employees R1 000 on average per working day. That's R3 000 down the drain per day they're absent.
But did you know the cost of absenteeism to your company isn't only limited to your employee's salary for the day he's absent? In fact it can actually go up to 3 times that amount taking into consideration the productive time lost.
So in our hypothetical scenario, we're talking approximately R21 000 per day spent on employees who aren't even really sick!
Can you afford to give away R21 000 per working day out of your company's profits?
I didn't think so.
Come and find out how to stop absenteeism and leave abuse dead in its tracks at the Managing Absenteeism and Leave Abuse Workshop.

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'Absenteeism costs SA employers R16 billion annually!' Stats SA
The hidden costs of absenteeism can add up to 25% to your labour bill!
I'm sure you'll agree - you need to manage absenteeism effectively before you lose any more of your hard earned profits!
Here's how to get all the tools you need to curb the cost of absenteeism in your company


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2 Out of 3 employees who don't show up for work aren't actually sick!
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