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2 reasons you can use to prevent employees from picketing on your premises

by , 06 May 2016
Generally speaking, picketing employees will do their thing outside of your premises. But what if they wish to do so within it?

This can be very concerning to both you and your business, and you'll more than likely reject their demand dead in its track.

But be careful before doing this! Because the CCMA can overrule it if you don't have proper reasons for it.

So if you wish to prevent your employees from picketing within your premises, you must be able to show one of the following two reasons...


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Reason#1: Nature of the workplace
You can state the very nature of your workplace simply can't allow for employees to picket inside, or even directly outside, the premises without severely disrupting the working process.
For example, if you have a shop inside a shopping centre, you can justify not allowing your employees to picket directly outside the shop as it can disrupt business within the shopping centre for countless other stores.
Reason#2: Concern for conflict
You could reject picketing employees' demands to picket on your premises out of a fear of conflict arising between non-picketing employees and picketing employees.
This could affect the production process, through possible intimidation, and it could even lead to possible violence and malicious damage to property.
And so by keeping the employees outside of the premises, you can ensure that work can continue without these risks.

*Those were 2 reasons you can use to prevent employees from picketing inside your premises. They'll help you justify your refusal, and in so doing lessen the chances of the CCMA overruling your decision.
To learn more on how to effectively deal with picketing employees, simply page over to Chapter P 15: Picketing in your Labour Law for Managers handbook.
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2 reasons you can use to prevent employees from picketing on your premises
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