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3 interesting steps you can follow to effectively manage diversity in the workplace

by , 22 February 2016
In South Africa today, diversity in the workplace is generally understood to be the expectation rather than the exception.

And so it's extremely important for you to ensure that you have the correct tools to manage diversity effectively in your company.

Having said that, here are 3 steps you can take in effectively managing diversity in the workplace...

Step#1: Know the culture of your organisation

Knowing what your company tolerates and what it doesn't will allow you to identify what must be overcome and changed in moving forward.

Also, by doing this, you can gain a clearer picture as to what types of employees you want to work for you.

Step#2: Find out about the cultures in your area, province and country

From a legal perspective, knowing of the people who live in a particular area, where your company operates, can help you to effectively identify where it's not sufficiently representative.

It can also help shape the culture of your organisation for the better.

What's more, by understanding the cultural differences between cultures, you can make the integration of employees into your company much smoother.

In doing all this, an attitude of openness is vital.

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Step#3: Understand yourself:

In order to understand others, you'll also need to understand yourself.

This involves stripping down your own prejudices, thoughts, values, beliefs etc. and identifying any potential barriers that can prevent you from truly understanding those around you, which can in turn negatively affect the overall efficiency of your company.  

Once you have done this, you must determine, in complete honesty, how your behaviour is affecting those around you, as well as on the workflow.

From there, you can make any necessary changes to your own behaviour in managing diversity more effectively.

The key here is understanding.
*Those were 3 very interesting steps you can follow in managing diversity in the workplace effectively.

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3 interesting steps you can follow to effectively manage diversity in the workplace
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