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3 reasons why sick employees mustn't come to work, and 2 tips to ensure it

by , 15 March 2016
Every company has that employee who makes her way to work, even though she's as sick as a dog, in order to fulfil her work responsibilities.

This may seem great in a short-sighted approach, in that she's at work doing her job.

But the fact of the matter is that something like this has the potential to actually hamstring your business instead of sustain it.

Here's 3 reasons why...


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1. Productivity decreases significantly with illness

Even though she's at work, showing her commitment to the company's cause, the chances are she'll hardly be making a dent in terms of

That's because when a person's ill, the body is working double-time to fight the sickness. And in that process, energy for other activities, such as concentration, diminishes significantly.

2. Illness can be exacerbated

By going to work sick, she's not allowing her body to recover in a restful environment, and a lapse within the immune system can actually make her a lot worse, to the point where she'll become gravely ill.

3. Illness can spread

If a sick employee has, for example, flu, and she still goes to work, she can spread it to others.

And if, let's say, 60% of your staff have all got flu at pretty much the same time, your business is going to be making a big loss through sick-leave payments as well as a loss in productivity.

So what can you do to avoid this?

Here are 2 tips…


Encourage all staff who are genuinely ill to take sick leave.


Emphasise the importance of not abusing sick leave. Because if an employee does, and she happens to fall ill after her paid sick leave has run out, the chances are she'll go to work anyway.

This possibility is confirmed by a recent study that suggested employees without paid sick leave are more likely to push aside medical care and go to work anyway (as reported on UPI).
*To learn more on sick leave, as well as how to deal with it in the workplace, page over to chapter L 01 in your Practical Guide to Human Resources Management handbook.

Alternatively, click here.

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3 reasons why sick employees mustn't come to work, and 2 tips to ensure it
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