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3 Tips on how to manage e-cigarette smoking in the workplace

by , 04 December 2015
An ever-growing number of employees are now turning their attention towards e-cigarettes, otherwise referred to a 'vaping', in the workplace instead of traditional tobacco-based products.

Now, if your employees are using them, it makes complete sense for you to take steps to manage their use, just as you would with conventional smoking in the workplace.

Here are 5 steps to manage vaping in the workplace:

Step#1: Decide if you're going to allow vaping in the workplace.

If you are, ensure that it's defined properly in your smoking policy which includes e-cigarette smoking in the workplace.

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Step#2: Check the impact of e-cigarette smoking on your company's benefits

Some companies regard e-cigarette smokers as smokers, and so this would affect their rates for insurance.

Should you opt to follow this understanding of e-cigarette smokers, then you must consider the impact it will have on things such as:

·        Group life insurance;
·        Provident fund life cover;
·        Medical Aid; and
·        Insurance policies;

So, from what's just been stated above, you should make sure that all of your employees clearly understand where you stand on the matter, as well as the results of it.

Step#3: Use smoking laws to help you define your e-cigarette smoking policy

A great place to start here would be to see what it is the smoking laws try to achieve.

For example, the Tobacco Products Control Act (TPCA) seeks to restrict smoking in public places as well as certain private places. So you should also ensure your workplace upholds this ideal, both for conventional cigarette smokers and e-cigarette smokers.
*Remember that Labour Law doesn't govern smoking on the workplace, and so the TPCA is what really provides the foundation on which you should govern the issue.

The Act requires you to take necessary measures to protect your non-smoking employees in the workplace, and so an emphasis can be placed on the effects of vaping when governing it in the workplace.

To learn more tips on how to manage e-cigarette smoking in the workplace, subscribe to the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management. 

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3 Tips on how to manage e-cigarette smoking in the workplace
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