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3 Tips to avoid HR non-compliance penalties

by , 18 November 2015
It's very important for you to ensure your policies, procedures and practices fall inline with employment laws.

And with all the recent labour law changes, alongside the huge penalty increases for non-compliance, it's now as important as ever.

In other words, any non-compliance will be met with an even harder 'hammer of justice', so follow these 3 tips in order to avoid any form of non-compliance penalties around your policies, procedures and practices...

Tip#1: Carry out regular Human Resources Audits

Regular, and formal, Human Resources (HR) audits should be conducted:

·        When your organisation changes. This includes mergers, acquisitions and downsizing schemes;
·        When there are changes to labour laws; and
·        Every 18 to 24 months in order to check that all your policies are still relevant.

An internal audit allows you to objectively examine all your HR policies, procedures and practices in your company.

Ensure you're in line with employment laws by carrying out regular human resource audits.

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Tip#2: Carry out ad-hoc spot checks

Include spot-check audits as art of your work week.

On a weekly basis, select a specific HR area and conduct a narrow audit on it. This can be done quite quickly.

Should you encounter a problem, discuss with all relevant HR staff, find a solution and take corrective action. Once you have done so, re-audit the same area again a few weeks later and ensure the problem's completely resolved.

Tip#3: Get expert advice

If you aren't sure about a particular area of HR, or you're uncertain about labour legislation, along with being fully-compliant with it, then consult expert sources.

*But why go through the unnecessary expenses of a consultant when you can have continuously-updated, expert-written advice right at your fingertips?

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3 Tips to avoid HR non-compliance penalties
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