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3 Tips to select the right candidate for the job

by , 31 March 2016
When recruiting, you want to get the right candidate for the job first time around.

Failing to do so could end up costing your company big time!

This is something which Human Resources Expert, Susan Heathfield, understands. And that's why she has 3 tips on how to ensure you select the right candidate for the job.

Let's take a look...

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TIP#1: Before anything else, define the job

Here, you should conduct a job analysis in which you gather information relating to the job. This can include the job's duties, responsibilities, required skills and so on.

With this information, you can piece together a job description.

TIP#2: Use a checklist

You should use a checklist for hiring your employees as this can help you keep track of your recruiting goals, whether it's for a single employee or many.

Also, when going through CVs, you should have bulleted points in place for you to use in searching for desired characteristics.  These points can be determined in a meeting with all relevant employees who will be working with the new employee.

TIP#3: Pre-screen employees

While an applicant may look good on paper, it's very important for you to hold a pre-screening interview in which you can ask questions and see for yourself if their characteristics are what they say they are, and if you believe that person would actually suit the job.

EXTRA: Here's one of our own tips to use in selecting the correct candidate for the job

TIP#4: Ask the right questions

Ask open-ended questions in an interview. These types of questions will give applicants the chance to provide a detailed explanation without feeling led. And you need detailed answers in order for you to weigh up their qualities in relation to the job description.

Example questions include phrases that begin with 'how…', 'why…' or 'tell me more about…'

In essence, these 'questions' are not really questions at all, but rather mere statements that are awaiting a response. 

Closed-ended questions give a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer and so won't really provide much information about the applicants.

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3 Tips to select the right candidate for the job
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