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3 Tips to stimulate useful conflict in your workplace

by , 08 February 2016
When one thinks of 'conflict' in the workplace, the first things that come to mind are work stoppages, damage to property, verbal and physical assaults, etc.

But what if I was to tell you that conflict in the workplace CAN be useful?

That's right! Even though conflict can be seen as opposition between values, actions and interests, it's that opposition that can be constructive to your company's development.

For example, conflict can be useful for when your employees are bored and need some energy to boost them.

Here are 3 tips on how to stimulate useful conflict in your workplace, as well as how to identify destructive conflict before it goes too far...

Tip#1: Be a devil's advocate

Challenge the way things are being done in the workplace. Call for fresh ideas and radical suggestions.

For example, you may want to challenge outdated work methods.

Remember that sometimes evolution involves [r]evolution.

Attention: conflicts in the workplace means no motivation, wasted time and wasted money!

All studies show that in any company, without exception, tension, dissatisfaction, frustration, nerves, threats of resignation are part of everyday life.

You, as the manager should handle conflict quickly and efficiently. Otherwise they will cause a bad atmosphere in the workplace, lack of
employee motivation and loss of concentration. These will all lead to wasted time and financial loss.

Discover how to deal with conflict and reduce the negative effects it causes in the company…
Tip#2: Question decisions

Encourage employees to question and even challenge a proposed course of action.

Call for diverse opinions.

Remember that by allowing a diverse range of opinions, from several employees, to enter the workplace, you can foster a sense of belonging
within each of them.

In other words, it can make your employees feel that their opinions count for something, which can enhance their sense of worth in the company.

It can also encourage greater tolerance and, therefore, cooperation in the workplace.

Tip#3: Foster competition

Play on the rivalry between the different divisions, departments or companies.

Encourage them to 'beat' the others. This can lead to increased productivity.
When is conflict destructive?

Now, there's a fine line between constructive and destructive conflict. So take note of the following circumstances that form destructive conflict…

·         Morale becomes lower;
·         It interferes with work;
·         It creates legal action which wastes money and time;
·         There is damage to property and/or injury.

If any of these factors present themselves, then you need to stop the conflict from continuing immediately.
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3 Tips to stimulate useful conflict in your workplace
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