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4 Steps to help you align your company's goals

by , 06 December 2015
Goal alignment within an organisation refers to getting all people, from all divisions, departments and branches to work together in order to meet similar goals. This is also referred to as business goals.

But it's not always setting these up and getting everyone's buy-in, so here are 4 steps you can follow to align your organisation's goals:

Step#1: Strategic Planning

Aligning goals begins with your company's strategic plan, and it's said that most, if not all, successful businesses have a very clear understanding of their business strategies, as well as what they want to achieve.

Your senior management team should communicate your business strategy in a way that your employees can clearly understand in order to create an environment that can ensure this strategy is followed.

Step#2: Business goals

Business goals, which will make the strategic goals a reality, must be agreed on.

Your management must align business goals with the strategy. They must also be accountable for the implementation of the business goals.

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Step#3: Employee goals

If your employees can understand that they ultimately lead to overall success of your business, they may feel more valued, and therefore more productive.

Your management should develop goals for employees which link back to the business strategy and the business goals.

In other words, every single employees' goals should be able to be traced back to the overall business strategy.

Setp#4: Review and modify goals if necessary

All in all, your overall organisational strategy should not really change too often, especially during the early stages of its execution.

But economic and business conditions, and EVEN social conditions, can change in such a way that reviews and adaptions might very be called for.
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4 Steps to help you align your company's goals
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