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5 Characteristics that make an employer a LEADER

by , 10 December 2015
Your ability to create and communicate a clear vision among your employees, and to resolve conflict which interferes with that vision, defines who you are as a leader. Many employers may have great skills and ideas, but to demonstrate true leadership is something far more difficult.

It takes fantastic leadership to maintain a business, regardless of its size. And with these 5 characteristics you'll find out exactly what entails good leadership...


Leaders understand there's a difference between management and employees, bosses and workers, and yet they don't act or make their employees feel belittled.

They keep an objective view on all issues within their organisation.

On top of that, and very importantly, a leader is not one who merely knows straightforward legalities with regard to their business.

What makes an employer a leader is one who takes note of all that is going on around her. In other words, a good employer is an employer who keeps up-to-date with everything that's going on.

For example, by taking in, and understanding, social issues and current events, she can enable herself to make better decisions with regard to her business.

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A leader understands and is able to make important decisions, sometimes timely ones, which are in the interest of the entire organisation, including those who comprise it.


Leaders praise employees publically, but they address problems in private.

They work with employees through problems and challenges and find a solution. They don't make things personal when there are problems either, but instead simply look for a constructive solution to them.


A leader, through his positive attitude, can encourage employees to work together and with him.

At the end of the day, positive energy really is contagious.


Honesty is a key characteristic to the effective functioning of a business, and leaders understand this.

By encouraging honesty, through example, any perceived problems can be addressed and solutions can be found together…
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5 Characteristics that make an employer a LEADER
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