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5 Reasons why you should accommodate breastfeeding employees in the workplace

by , 13 November 2015
As an employer, you want to create a work environment that has equal opportunities and avoids discrimination.

And accommodating breastfeeding employees is no exception...

Not only is it fair, but it's practical, in business terms too.

Here are 5 reasons why accommodating your breastfeeding employees is beneficial to your company:


By introducing workplace policies and provisions that accommodate  breastfeeding employees, the transition of new mothers back into work can be made a lot smoother, and can even encourage a stronger new-mother workforce.

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If you don't accommodate breastfeeding employees in the workplace, you could find that employees opt not to return to work at the end of their maternity leave, which can then affect your business.

Also, some female employees could even end up taking more maternity leave because their workplace doesn't accommodate them breastfeeding. This, too, can affect business for you. If you accommodate breastfeeding employees in the workplace, then some mothers might actually come back to work sooner.


Accommodating breastfeeding in the workplace can help you retain female employees who have just come back from maternity leave, and so key skills and experience can remain in your business.


Absenteeism rates could decrease among new mothers because child care has increased.


Simply accommodating breastfeeding employees can lead to better employee-employer relationships, as well as better morale among female employees.
At the end of the day, accommodating breastfeeding employees in the workplace is a very positive step in the right direction for all concerned.

Should you wish to do so, then creating a breastfeeding policy which caters for the needs of your female employees, as well as the conditions of your company, will be a great start.

Make the policy available like any other policy. And in implementing it, monitor and assess it to evaluate its effectiveness.

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5 Reasons why you should accommodate breastfeeding employees in the workplace
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