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5 steps to guarantee a successful job interview

by , 12 February 2016
When recruiting, you want to get the right candidate for the job FIRST time around.

A well-structured interview can do just that!

So, having said that, here are 5 steps to follow in guaranteeing a successful interview...

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Step#1: Prepare for the interview

You can do this by:

·         Going over the applicant's CV one final time;

·         Checking that the applicant filled in your forms (if any) correctly;

·         Doing research on the position as well as the applicant's current position. You don't want to be caught out by the applicant knowing more than you do;

·         Reviewing the job description and the specifications BEFORE the interview; and

·         Having a list of questions prepared and ready for the interview.

Step#2: Build a comfortable interview environment

You can do this by:

·         Introducing yourself, shaking hands and giving her your business card;

·         Smiling and being friendly;

·         Maintaining eye contact, using good body language and a friendly tone of voice; and

·         Listen, pay attention and take interest in what he applicant is saying; etc.

Step#3: Clarify information

Here you should probe the applicant for information you wish to clarify.

Ask open-ended questions as these allow for the applicant to give a detailed explanation without her feeling led. Open-ended questions usually begin with phrases such as 'how…', 'why…' or 'tell me more about…'

They are often not a question at all, but rather a statement awaiting a response.

Closed-ended questions give a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer and won't provide much insight.
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Step#4: Stay in control

Asking open-ended questions can lead to the applicant sharing too much information, which is off topic.

Take control of the interview by ensuring the applicant stays on topic.

You can do this by interrupting politely, yet firmly, and restating the question.

If she doesn't understand the question, rephrase it.

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5 steps to guarantee a successful job interview
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