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5 tips on how to effectively manage your employees' annual leave

by , 06 March 2016
When thinking about annual leave, many employees, and even employers, may be a little unsure of how granting annual leave actually works, when and how an employee can be granted annual leave and so on.

To help clarify on the issue, take note of the following 5 tips in knowing exactly how to effectively manage your employees' annual leave...


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All employees MUST get you to approve all their annual leave.


You DON'T have to approve annual leave every time an employee asks, ESPECIALLY if their requests don't suit your business's needs.


Both you and the employee must agree when he can take leave.

But if the two of you can't agree, then you can make the final decision.


You must grant leave no later than 6 months after the end of the annual-leave cycle.

This 'cycle' is the 12-month period from when the employee started working for you, OR your 12-month leave cycle.


If you know that there are specific times in which you'll be unable to grant annual leave, ensure that your leave policy clearly states these no-leave timeframes.

This includes peak production times, high volume times, high consumer demand times, financial year end, and so on.

Once you have determined these timeframes, ensure that they are applied CONSISTENTLY, otherwise you'll risk discriminating against certain employees in the workplace.

*Those were 5 tips to apply when managing your employees' annual leave.

To learn more, go to chapter L 05 in your Practical Guide to Human Resources Management handbook.

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5 tips on how to effectively manage your employees' annual leave
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