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6 Effective steps to implement EE in your company

by , 01 December 2015
Every company has a legal obligation to comply with the Employment Equity Act in promoting equity in the workplace that is free of unfair discrimination.
Here are 6 great steps for you to use to implement employment equity within your company:

Step#1: Educate and train all your staff

You must educate and train all of your staff on what the Employment Equity Act (EEA) says, along withthe rights and obligations of both employers and employees.

It's also very important for you to train an EE representative forum, such as an Employment Equity Committee, which has full knowledge on the EE Act as well as their responsibilities and reporting requirements.

Step#2: Appoint an employment equity manager

The Employment Equity Act requires you to appoint a senior manager to implement and monitor EE in your company. This person can also be the EE Committee Chairperson.

Ensure that your EE manager has sufficient authority to guide the process and carry out the recommendations of the committee.

She should ensure that EE matters aren't swept aside for other business matters.

NOTE: Your EE Manager should be a permanent employee.

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Step#3: Create an Employment Equity Committee

Once the training has been completed, form an EE Committee.

Step#4: Create an Employment Equity Plan (for designated employers)

Develop an EE Plan that clearly lays out your company's intended plans to implement employment equity in the workplace

Your EE Plan must include:

·        Annual demographic targets;
·        Reasonable steps you'll take to train suitably qualified people from designated groups;
·        What you are doing to eliminate employment barriers;
·        Reasonable steps you have taken to include and promote suitably qualified individuals from designated groups;
·        How will you carry out your EE plan; and
·        Anything else you're doing to achieve employment equity in your company.
*To find out what the other 2 steps are, click here…

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6 Effective steps to implement EE in your company
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