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6 Tips to conduct a successful counseling session with your employee

by , 23 November 2015
You're in a meeting with your team. Ann and Jessica have yet another disagreement in front of everyone.

This affects their productivity for the rest of the day.

You could leave it and not interfere. But the fact that their performance is affected for the day, you need to step in as a manager.

This means, you have to provide counseling.

Counseling is helping your employees who have personal or interpersonal issues, inside or outside of work, which affects their work performance.

Here's what you should do during a counseling session...

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Follow these 6 tips during a counselling session with your employee

When your employees have issues, deal with the problem swiftly – don't delay. If you choose to ignore the problem, it will usually get worse. The sooner you deal with the problem, the less impact it will have on the workplace.

1. Ask the person about the issue/s by making reference to what you have noticed in a supportive and concerned manner.

2. Allow the person to express or vent his/her feelings.

3. Listen.

4. Explore suggestions, options, resources or support mechanisms to address the problem.

5. Agree the actions to be taken to address the problem.

6. Close the session on a constructive note and plan a follow-up discussion.

Warning: Do not try to be a psychologist, as you could make the problem worse. Refer the person to relevant professional help if the issue or problem requires this.

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6 Tips to conduct a successful counseling session with your employee
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