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A simple way to manage absenteeism

by , 18 April 2016
Have you ever noticed how much of your daily work life is taken up with managing absenteeism and leave?

Think back to the past couple of weeks at work and take note of just how many of your employees weren't at work.

Now think about how you're managing your employees' leave.

There are so many different kinds of leave and statutory minimums and maximums, you really need to be on top of it all – because you know that some of your employees will try every trick in the book to get more days' leave, if and when they can!
We all know that absenteeism costs your company a big chunk of hard-earned revenue – but did you know that there are proven ways to curb absenteeism and that a few simple, yet effective methods can be introduced at your workplace to manage leave effectively?

You need to make sure you're legally compliant. And that none of your employees take unfair advantage of leave they may not be entitled to.
As a manager, you need to have all the facts and tools at your fingertips. We know that you don't have the time to go hunting for this critical information, so we've decided to package these two very important elements into one invaluable workshop for you. 

If your employees are not at work they can't get the work done and that affects your bottom-line, so take back control of your workplace by reducing absenteeism and managing leave effectively. 
I've got tips and tools and lots of practical ideas that will get you back in the driving seat at work. 

Nip profit-sapping practices in the bud and watch your company's productivity and profit margins soar! 

Join me at the Managing Absenteeism and Leave workshop and I'll show you how it's done and I'll also give you practical tools that will take care of these crippling problems at work.

Book your seat now
Or, email seminars@fsp.co.za for more info
I can't wait to discuss this topic with you at the workshop…  See you there!

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A simple way to manage absenteeism
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