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Absenteeism - a headache you can cure!

by , 23 May 2016
Absenteeism - a headache you can cure!Let's cut to the chase.

Feedback from my absenteeism surveys shows that managers like you experience the following problems - and don't like it. You have employees who:

• Are always sick and don't bring a medical certificate when asked;
• Always take time off work and don't bother giving advance notice;
• Always come into work late and leave early, everyday - without permission; and
• Cost you thousands of Rands in indirect costs, such as hiring temps, missed deadlines, lost sales, sinking morale and lower productivity, for being absent...

In other words, employees are always disrupting business operations by abusing their leave and costing the company money! And if you're like these managers, you probably also:

  • Want to stop absenteeism and leave abuse in your company but aren't sure where to start;
  • Don't know how to make your employees want to come to work every day;
  • Aren't quite sure just how much absenteeism and leave abuse is actually costing your company;
  • Don't know when you should, and can, legally dismiss employees who abuse the system;
  • What to bring to the CCMA when your employee reports you for unfair dismissal; and
  • Aren't sure which labour regulations apply to your employee's infraction – is it AWOL or absenteeism;
Simply put, I know managing absenteeism is such a headache. So that's why I'm going to give you the skills and knowledge you need to manage absenteeism 100% legally at my Managing Absenteeism and Leave Abuse Workshop.
In just 1 day, on 23 June in Johannesburg, you'll walk away with tips, tools and practical advice on:

  • How to spot a pattern of absenteeism – and what you can do about it;
  • What the abuse of sick leave is actually costing you – if you don't know how to calculate this, you won't be able to manage it correctly;
  • When you can dismiss employees who abuse leave and what steps you must take to do it correctly and legally;
  • How to win your case at the CCMA if your employee thinks his dismissal was unfair;
  • How to develop a 100% legally compliant absenteeism policy/leave policy to prevent absenteeism and leave abuse;
  • And so much more!
I'll make sure you know exactly how to handle absenteeism and manage leave correctly. Its absenteeism and leave management made easy! Book your seat here
PS. What's more, you'll ensure your employees think twice before abusing leave or staying off work – and you'll make managing leave so much easier for your company! Get more info about my workshop here

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Absenteeism - a headache you can cure!
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