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Always follow these steps to tackle bullying in the workplace

by , 13 November 2013
It's not the ideal scenario: An employee complains to you that his supervisor is bullying him, and it's making him miserable! It happens, in spite of your company policy and your best efforts to create a workplace free of bullying! It's important that you take any complaint of bullying seriously, and also that you deal with the bullying correctly.

We asked the experts at the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management to explain the best methods for dealing with a bullying situation.
How to handle bullying in the workplace, correctly
Only confront the bully when you have all the facts and statements from employees.
And then do the following:
ð       Inform the employees of a date of hearing. At this hearing, they'll each present their case, explaining what happened.
ð       If the bully's likely to interfere with the witnesses or sabotage their work, then suspend him.
ð       Warn the bully that if he he's guilty of victimising anyone as a result of this process, there'll be further consequences.
ð       If the bullying is minor, offer him counselling.
ð       Offer protection for the employee if necessary.
The bully's highly unlikely to admit to his behaviour. If you interview him in preparation for the hearing, he'll probably be charming and manipulate the facts in his favour. He'll also probably blame the incompetence of the employee. So you must have all the facts about his bullying. You might even need to get information from the previous employer or manager on the employee's performance.
If the bullying's minor and the employee can carry on working with the bully, mediate their relationship for a while.

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Always follow these steps to tackle bullying in the workplace
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