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An 'interdependence' mind-set can curb absenteeism. Here's how

by , 15 March 2016
Absenteeism can be a nightmare to your company, every single year, because it ultimately costs you for work that just isn't being done.

Now while some employees may have genuine reasons for their periods of absence, such as illness, there are many who try to abuse the whole system.

Understanding why your employees are abusing absenteeism, especially through sick leave, can help you curb it.

After all, tackling the problem itself is more often than not the most effective remedy, instead of merely treating consistent symptoms, which include continuous absenteeism.

A mind-set of interdependence in the workplace can do just that, namely tackle the root of the problem. Here's how...


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We're all connected     

By encouraging your employees to understand that a company is like an organism consisting of many parts, and that if one of those parts were to not function, the whole organism would suffer, can offer them clarity on the consequences of their absenteeism.

Teach your employees that what they do has a direct influence on the outcome of the company.

In other words, whatever an employee does to the company, especially through absenteeism, he does to himself. An employee is connected to the company and its future.

Encouraging and putting in place a system of interdependent teamwork among your employees can greatly curb absenteeism. Because when an employee wishes to take the day off, he'll will think twice because he'll feel responsible for his colleagues and the company.

Ultimately, each employee will be accountable to other employees for his absenteeism.

By encouraging this sense of accountability, you might even see employees wanting to come to work even though they're genuinely ill!

But in that particular instance, it's best to allow them to take the day off, and commend them for their commitment to your company, thanks
to a unified mind-set of interdependence in the workplace.

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An 'interdependence' mind-set can curb absenteeism. Here's how
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