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Answer these eight questions to ensure your EE Plan is legally compliant

by , 10 June 2016
As a designated employer, you're legally required to draw up an Employment Equity (EE) Plan, which you must implement to achieve employment equity in the workplace.

Failure to draw up a legally compliant EE Plan will put you at serious risk of paying heavy non-compliance fines of as much as R2.7 million!

So to help you ensure that your EE plan is legally compliant, I have pieced together eight simple questions you must answer.

Keep reading to see what they are...


Are you responsible for EE in your company? Read this now!
In the new amendments to the Employment Equity Act, the DoL says you must:
·         Get rid of all unfair discrimination – or face a R30 000 fine;
·         Draw up a legally compliant EE plan every year – and use the new method to submit;
·         Pay employees who do the same work equally – or risk being taken to court;
·         Set up an EE forum that is a correct representation of the nation – be careful, SAPS got this wrong;
·         Report on how you're achieving your EE goals – but what if you're not…?
·         And loads more

But do you even know where to start?
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Answer these eight questions to ensure your EE Plan is legally compliant….

QUESTION#1: Is the duration of your EE plan legally compliant?

Your EE plan must be no shorter than one year and no longer than five years.

QUESTION#2: Do you have goals set out for each year of your EE plan?

You need to set out what EE measures you are planning for each year. Also, your goals must consider the intended result as well as your company's circumstances, and you must ensure they fall in line with your company's broader business strategy.

QUESTION#3: Do you have affirmative action measures?

You must lay out what steps you are taking in order to increase the opportunities for previously disadvantaged people at your company.

Such steps can relate to the:

·         Appointment of members from designated groups;
·         Furthering diversity;
·         Promotion of people from designated groups; and
·         Retention of people from designated groups; etc.
QUESTION#4: Do you have numerical targets for your EE plan?

For each year of your plan, you must set out, and give details on, your numerical goals for achieving equitable representation in your company.

Keep reading to see what the last four questions are…


Revealed: The ONE checklist that'll show you if you're complying with all 26 changes to the Employment Equity Act...

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QUESTION#5: Do you have a timetable for each year?

You must create a timetable for each year of your plan and provide a detailed timeline with regard to your Affirmative Action and Employment Equity measures.

QUESTION#6: Do you have internal monitoring and evaluation?

It's important for you to keep Employment Equity records, for when the labour inspector comes knocking on your door.

So hold on to any documents that relate to EE issues.

QUESTION#7: Do you have internal dispute resolution mechanisms?

These will be used to settle any dispute relating to the interpretation and implementation of your EE plan.

QUESTION#8: Do you clearly identify the people who'll implement and monitor your EE plan?

You must clearly state the names and designations of all members involved here.

REMEMBER: Senior managers must be involved.

*If you can answer 'YES' to all of these questions, then you are on the right track to ensuring that your EE Plan is 100% legally compliant.

To learn more critical details and tips on ensuring you have a legally-compliant EE Plan, page over to Chapter E 04: Employment Equity in your Labour Law for Managers handbook, or click here to order your copy today.

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