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Attract the right candidates by including these 6 elements in your job advertisement

by , 11 February 2016
The way in which you draft a job advertisement can determine who applies for it.

Now, obviously you want the best candidates to apply, and so in order to do just that, you'll need to create a winning advertisement that'll catch those candidates' attention.

In creating an effective job advertisement, include these 6 essential elements...


Make sure your recruitment process is legal!

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·         Are you sure your employment contract includes the 16 clauses the law says you must have?
If you don't have all of these aspects correct, you'll be on the wrong side of the law when it comes to your recruitment process.

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Element#1: Job title

Use the position title from your job description.

Element#2: The job description

Include 2-3 lines that clearly explain the position. Don't go overboard here.

You can also include the key performance areas from your job description as this will explain what the person is expected to do.

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Element#3: Qualifications

State the minimum qualifications required for the position.

CAUTION: When you say applicants must hold a minimum qualification, you must make sure that the applicant wouldn't have been able to do the job without the qualification.

Sometimes a job applicant might not have the formal application you're looking for, but her work experience is exceptional, so the qualification won't matter that much.

Note that the Employment Equity Act states that you must recognise an applicant's knowledge and experience when considering her for the position.

Element#4: Skills and experience

Here, be as specific as possible about the minimum skills and experience applicants require to do the job.

Remember to specify if you require experience within a specific industry.

You can also state what personal attributed you wish for applicants to have.

Element#5: AA/EE compliance

If you're only hiring people from designated groups, and you've stated so in your employment equity plan, then in the job title you should state 'Affirmative Action Position'.

Or, at the end of the ad you can state that applicants from designated groups will be given preference.


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Attract the right candidates by including these 6 elements in your job advertisement
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