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Be a step ahead! Know these union tactics so they don't disrupt your retrenchment

by , 30 August 2015
Union officials have been known to come up with delaying tactics that try to stall and ultimately avoid retrenchments.

But you need to take the upper-hand and know what these tactics are! By doing so, you can take any counter- measures into consideration.

Here are four delaying tactics that unions are known for doing when it comes to retrenchment exercises:

1. Unions often bring up alternatives to retrenchments that are completely unrealistic. These 'alternatives' may include insisting you borrow more money and so on. Take note of these attempts and stand your ground if you feel it necessary. 
2. Union officials have also been known to continuously repeat rejected ideas again and again. This is a clear delaying tactic but unions may still try it despite its obvious motives.

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3. Union officials will storm out of consultation meetings in what is very often seen as yet another delaying tactic towards your retrenchment exercise.
4. Union officials will even go so far as to deliberately postpone consultation meetings time and time again.
The tip to deal with these tactics is to gain the higher ground by stating to the unions, in advance, that you won't tolerate such behaviour and tactics.

So, there you have it! There are four common tactics that unions use to delay retrenchment exercises. 
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Be a step ahead! Know these union tactics so they don't disrupt your retrenchment
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