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Book review: 53 Ways to make your year-end HR tasks a breeze

by , 19 November 2015
Can you believe the year is almost over?

I mean, it feels like yesterday when we were busy finalising our HR plans for 2015. Now, we're busy with December shut down, leave days, overtime due to employees, bonuses, etc.

I don't know about you, but I really dread this HR task of working out leave, overtime and bonuses. It takes up so much time!

But, there's a positive twist.

This dreadful task got me to do some research on how to save time when I need to do this again. And to my surprise, I found the book called 53 Solutions to employee timekeeping and working hours.

By reading the solutions in this book, I was able to breeze through working out employees' overtime, leave days, timesheets, attendance registers and much more.

I hope after reading my book review below, you'll make the same decision I did to make your year-end HR tasks a breeze.


"Can I force my staff to take annual shut down leave?"
This is just one of the dozens of questions I had about employee times and leave days. And the Department of Labour is very strict when it comes to dealing with such issues.

In this book, I got not only this answer, but another 52 answers and solutions to the most critical issues relating to:
  • Working times;
  • Overtime;
  • Leave;
  • Hours worked on public holidays;
  • Shift work;
  • Lunch breaks;
  • Timesheets;
  • Attendance registers; and
  • Much more!

And all these solutions are updated according to the new Labour Relations Amendment Act.

What I also found in 53 Solutions to employee timesheets and working hours was:
  • Comments from specialists on legal requirements for: working times; overtime; hours worked on public holidays; religious holidays; short time; shift work; lunch breaks; timesheets; leave; attendance registers; etc.
  • Samples for leave forms and policy, overtime policy.
  • Practical examples on calculating overtime; calculating leave for permanent, part-time and commission earners; averaging working hours; designing shift rosters; working out pay for employees working 24 hours per month or more; etc.
  • Information about working hours obligations; requirements for daily and weekly rest periods; paying allowances; reducing working hours; alternatives to paying overtime; and much more.

I'm well aware that misinterpretation of the above information will have severe consequences for our business. Such as having to pay an employee up to 24 months' salary for an unfair labour practice.

I would advise you to use this book to ensure you get your employees' timekeeping, overtime and leave right and legally.

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Book review: 53 Ways to make your year-end HR tasks a breeze
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