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Can I deduct cost of damages done to my client's car from my employee's salary?

by , 04 February 2014
What would happen if one of your employees damages your company's car or gets a ticket for speeding? Do you write it off as a financial loss or can you deduct it from your employee's salary?

One wrong move with deductions can land you at the CCMA! One of our readers Marlene had an interesting question about deducting money from an employee's salary for damages to her client's car. Read on to find out what it is…

Urgent HR warning:
You WILL land up at the CCMA if you incorrectly deduct money from your employee's salary

Knowing what you can or can't deduct from your employee's salary can be confusing...

Once false move can cause you to land up at the CCMA and pay for the legal fees too!
But it doesn't have to be the fate of your company.

You can legally deduct money from your employee's salary starting today. Here's how...


Can I deduct the cost of damages done to my client's car from my employee's salary?

Marlene asks, I have a contract worker, based at my client's office. After the Christmas party last year he threw up in the client's very expensive Mercedes. The rental company cleaned the vehicle at a cost of R2400. He now refuses to pay. The client wants me to deduct this amount from his salary at the end of the month. His basic salary is R16 000 plus overtime. Can I deduct the money?
Read on to hear what our HR expert had to say…

Our HR expert, Wouter Van Heerden answers this question

Step 1: You must conduct an enquiry and see what's reasonable for the employee to pay back.
Step 2: Always follow a fair procedure during your enquiry. If the enquiry finds the employee was at fault, and he must pay for the full amount, then he must do so.
Step 3: Give him the opportunity to object the deduction and present his side of the matter.
Step 4: The deduction can't be more than 25% of his monthly salary and must be equal to the actual cost of the damage.

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Until next time,


Yvonne Eribake

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Can I deduct cost of damages done to my client's car from my employee's salary?
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