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Can you grant leave only when it's convenient for you?

by , 15 December 2015
So here's a scenario for you...

Alice has accumulated a large amount of leave. But she's only applied for a few days' leave in December.

You approve her leave but ask her to take more over the Christmas period because that time is quieter - in business terms that is.

Alice refuses your request and says that she may even cancel the leave she's applied for. You're concerned about her taking leave during 'peak times' on your business... What can you do?

Well, here's the simple answer...


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You're entitled to grant leave based on operational requirements.

The fact of the matter is that there may very well be times of the year when your company is busy and other times when it's quieter. And so what you should do, to help leave fall in line with these periods, is to include a requirement, in your employments contracts, that allows employees to take leave ONLY at times deemed convenient by you.

So, at the end of the day, you can make Alice take the approved leave. In fact, many employers make their employees take leave over the Christmas period because it's considered quieter.

Note that if you wish for employees to take leave over quieter periods, you can simply refuse leave at other, and busier, times.

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Can you grant leave only when it's convenient for you?
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