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Can you install security cameras without your employee's knowing?

by , 15 June 2016
Can you install security cameras without your employee's knowing?Just because you only have 30 or 40 employees, doesn't mean you don't need to worry about theft.

The sad reality is that you do...

Simple items go missing: A bit of coffee here, a litre of milk there - and even other employees' lunches.

And while I know you don't want to think your employees would steal from you, it's only a matter of time before someone's wallet or phone is nicked - right off their desk.

But before you start installing cameras all over the place, you need to know the answer to one simple question...

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Have you covered security cameras in your HR policy?

If your answer is no. Then you need to add it… Here's what you need to do:
Include a clause in your interception and monitoring policy, or employment contracts. Say that cameras are situated in the office to monitor employees and the footage may be used as evidence if you take disciplinary action or open a criminal case against the employee.
Here's what you need to say…
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Sample clause to add to your policy
'You have also been made aware of the fact the premises are being monitored to protect the company's legitimate business interests as well as the health and safety of employees. Any camera footage of theft or misconduct, can be used as evidence in a disciplinary hearing.
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