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Combat bullying in the workplace with these 8 strategies

by , 24 November 2015
Bullying isn't something that is simply reserved for the childish ways of primary and high schools.

Adults too can harbour its cruel intentions, in the workplace, and very often they take bullying to levels which are completely uncalled for.

To combat this behaviour, the new Protection from Harassment Act 17 of 2011 was passed on 27th April 2013, seeking to ensure a safe and secure working environment. And this means you must protect your employees from any form of bullies.

If you don't, you can face large fines and even jail time! So this isn't an issue to take lightly at all!

Here are 8 strategies to combat bullying in the workplace...


Have an anti-bullying policy or an organisational statement that makes it clear your company won't tolerate bullying.


Lay out clear procedures to follow for victims of harassment who want to lay complaints. You should also provide them with guidelines to follow when telling their stories.


Create an awareness campaign which clearly defines bullying in the workplace and how your company will deal with it.

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Create an open and transparent work environment so that your employees can voice their concerns.


Take IMMEDIATE action to investigate any claims of bullying in the workplace or other forms of harassment.


Place bullying, alongside other forms of harassment, within your Code of Conduct.


Teach all your managers to understand the potential negative impacts, of their actions, on employees when it comes to bullying.


Show support to employees who are targets for bullying in the workplace. Provide counselling, talk to them and assist them in lodging a complaint.
*At the end of the day, bullying in the workplace can be a terrible experience for employees, leading to a decrease in their overall well-being and productivity in your company. So use these strategies and start combatting bullying in the workplace today. 

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Combat bullying in the workplace with these 8 strategies
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