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Consider these four factors when drawing up a picketing agreement with a trade union

by , 06 May 2016
Picketing can happen at any time. And so it's important for you to have rules for it already set in place. Because by regulating the rules for picketing in advance, you can prevent many complications as it'll be more difficult to do this during a strike.

To set the rules for picketing, you must prearrange and agree on the rules with the trade union concerned. And when you negotiate an agreement for these rules, you must consider the following four factors...


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Factor#1: The nature of the authorisation notice
You must decide on what the nature of the authorisation notice will be, and how it'll be served.
For example, will you accept service of the notice via hand delivery, post, email, fax etc.?

Factor#2: Details of the notice of commencement
You must look into what exactly the notice of commencement must contain.
For example, this must clearly state the time of the picket, the place where it'll occur as well as its duration.

Factor#3: Designated areas for picketing
You must look into what areas picketing employees will be allowed to picket in. In other words, will it be outside your premises or outside your business's front door?
This is something you must agree on.
NOTE: If you don't want your employees to picket on your premises, then you must have valid reasons for this.

Factor#4: Proposals of the trade union
This is very important! You must ensure that you get proposals from the trade union regarding what they'll do to take control of picketing employees.
For example, will they provide marshals to oversee and guide the picket?

*Those were four factors you must look into when setting picketing rules with a trade union.
But don't stop there because there are several other factors you need to look into as well!
To see what they are, simply page over to Chapter P 15: Picketing in your Labour Law for Managers, or click here to order your copy today.

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Consider these four factors when drawing up a picketing agreement with a trade union
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