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Consider these seven KEY issues when making your employees work overtime

by , 26 October 2015
There may come a time when you require your employees to work overtime.

But before looking into that requirement, there are a number of KEY issues which you must consider BEFOREHAND.

Here are seven issues to consider when you require your employees to work overtime:

If there's a possibility of your employees working overtime, then make it compulsory in your employment contracts.
Look into whether or not the option of time off instead of payment would make business sense to you.
Audit your work schedules so as to ensure your employees aren't working more overtime than they're allowed to.

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Also audit your payroll to ensure you're paying your employees correctly for the overtime they work.
Look into the wording of your employment contracts to ensure you can rely on the higher earnings threshold before ever refusing to pay overtime.
Look at your employment contracts to make sure your disciplinary code falls in line with your overtime policy.
Ensure you've warned your employees about the penalties when it comes to refusing to work overtime.
Also ensure the penalties are in line with the importance you place on overtime in your business.
Check if you're at risk of an overtime ban happening and look into the risk you may be under if one does happen.
Also check into any contingency plans, should one happen.
Those were seven KEY issues you should consider when it comes to overtime.
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Consider these seven KEY issues when making your employees work overtime
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