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Cosatu calls for an end to 'union-bashing' - here's how to stay on good terms with your workers' union

by , 22 July 2013
They want you to raise wages, lower working hours and increase benefits at your company's expense. Every time one of your employees acts out, these guys stand up for them! So while getting along with your workers' union may seem like an impossible task, but it's an incredibly valuable one. Read on to see how a little diplomacy can go a long way for preventing drama and keeping your workers productive...

Fin24 reports that Cosatu has had enough of 'union bashing' by North West mining companies. This on the back of its request that mining houses reopen offices of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) on the back on on-going union in-fighting in the sector.

When big issues like these are at stake, it's easy to get emotional and blame the union for all your problems – straight to their face!

But you must fight the temptation to lash out at unions! Here's why…

Getting along with the union benefits you in the long run

'People are not against you, they are for themselves.' – Caroline Zelonka.

That simple phrase should remind you that the union isn't there just to make your life difficult! They're representing your workers' rights and interests. A happy worker is a productive worker, so the union's priorities aren't that different from your own.

Getting along with your union doesn't have to be endless compromises on your side – it can be a symbiotic relationship that benefits everyone involved for years to come.

Always communicate with the union reps

The union is always in contact with your workers, but how accessible are you?

If you meet with them regularly and keep them in the loop of changes in your workplace, they'll appreciate your efforts. Communication is the key to great union-employer relationship, according to Labour Law for Managers.

Respect the employees' rights and your union will respect you

If you show a genuine concern for and knowledge of your employee's rights and interests, your union will respect you for it. If talks with the union go into combative territory, always go back to the fact that you both want what's best for your employees.

There's no need for union-bashing in the workplace. Keep your cool and stay on good terms with the union, and you'll have a workplace full of happy, productive workers.

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Cosatu calls for an end to 'union-bashing' - here's how to stay on good terms with your workers' union
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