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Curb absenteeism by including these six points in your absenteeism-policy procedure

by , 19 October 2015
Absenteeism can cost your business loads of money every year. It also has the potential to seriously affect your business's overall production and efficiency.

So dealing with absenteeism can definitely be considered an important way to ensure your business is running as effectively and efficiently as it can.

Part of doing this is to lay out an absenteeism policy that consists of a solid procedure to be adhered to in the case of absenteeism.

Here are six steps to include in your absenteeism-policy procedure:


When an absent employee's return to work, he must undergo a post -absenteeism interview within 48 hours of his return to work.


The interview should cover:

·        The length of the employee's absence;
·        The reason for the absence as well as for not getting authorisation for the absence;
·        Documentation supporting the reason for the employee's absence. For example, a doctor's note.

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Both the interviewer and the interviewee should sign the post-absence interview form.


The manager must then look at the reason for the absence and decide on the appropriate leave category. For example, sick leave, annual leave, unpaid leave etc.

The HR department can assist with this.


The employee should sign a leave application form for the length of his absence as well as the reason for it, after which the manager must sign it.


The employee must submit the leave form, the post-absence interview form and any other supporting documents to the HR department within 48 hours of his absence.
Those were six steps to include in the procedure of your absenteeism policy. Carry it out to ensure complete effectiveness when managing absenteeism I the workplace.

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Curb absenteeism by including these six points in your absenteeism-policy procedure
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