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Designated employers must carry out these 2 EE analyses

by , 19 November 2015
Are you a designated employer? In other words, do you employ 50 or more employees in your business, or is your company's turnover equal to or higher than Schedule 4 of the Employment Equity (EE) Act? If so, then you have a legal obligation to comply with all of the EEA's requirements.

And one of those requirements is that all designated employers carry out analyses, under Section 19, within your organisation.

These analyses are twofold...

1. Quantitative Analysis

This is a form of analysis in which you take a snapshot of your organisation's makeup, after which you can calculate the level of under-representation in the workplace.

Once you've done this, you can then look at how you're going to become more representative. In other words, your goal here is create a business whose representation is reflective of the demographics of the province you're in – and ultimately the country.

Now, the best way to carry out this analysis is in the form of a pie-chart per occupational level (remember to also include the gender split too).

You can then compare these charts to the Economically Active Population (EAP) statistics of the country, which will give you a clear indication of where your business stands.

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2. Qualitative Analysis

A qualitative analysis comprises 2 parts:

The first part is forensic

This is a fantastic chance for you to thoroughly go through your procedures and policies so as to ensure they are up-to-date.

Ensure that that all your memos, instructions and changes to policies fall in line with the latest legislation.

The second part has to do with your practices

You must look into all your company's practices so as to identify any barriers in meeting your EE targets.

You must also ensure that your practices don't prevent any individual, from a designated group, from reaching his full potential.

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Designated employers must carry out these 2 EE analyses
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