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Do you fall under the Bargaining Council? Then make sure you're aware of these 11 employee benefits

by , 28 October 2015
Bargaining councils, or more formally known as industrial councils, set out the conditions of employment for various sectors and industries.

They are formed by a trade union whose purpose is to negotiate with employers' organisations within an industry.

Once an agreement has been met, it's gazetted and made compulsory to all employers in that particular industry.

According to the collective agreement, and apart from minimum wage agreements, there are several benefits and allowances which you could very well end up having to provide your employees. So it's best to keep up to date with it.

Having said that, here are 11 allowances and benefits you could be required to provide to your employees under a collective agreement with a Bargaining Council:

Five of the most common benefits you may be required to provide include:

1.      Night work allowances;
2.      Subsistence allowance;
3.      Tool allowances;
4.      Standby allowances; and
5.      Food allowances or the provision of food itself.

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Other benefits you might need to keep an eye out for include:

6.      Life, disability and funeral benefits;
7.      Sick Pay Fund;
8.      Paid maternity leave;
9.      Family responsibility leave;
10.   Study leave;
11.   Pension and provident fund payments; etc.
*At the end of the day, allowances and benefits differ from industry to industry, depending on their needs.
So, ensure that you know and comply with the requirements of your industry. Also, ensure that your policies and procedures are continuously up to date with the latest collective agreement.
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Do you fall under the Bargaining Council? Then make sure you're aware of these 11 employee benefits
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